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You won’t find Willyn Webb telling her high school students to put away their cell phones, even though they are technically banned in her Colorado district. She’s been using cell phones to augment her lessons at Delta County Opportunity School for years.

It all started when she forgot a stopwatch to time a student’s speech, and another student whipped out a cell phone and used its built-in timer.

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Show Seu Jorge em Teresina

Festival “O Piauí é Pop” com Seu Jorge e Nenhum de Nós – Atlantic City – 22 de Outubro.

O Festival Piauí é Pop ocorreu no dia 22 de outubro, no Atlantic City, e reúne em Teresina grandes atrações musicais brasileiras, como Seu Jorge e Nenhum de Nós, além das bandas piauienses Validuaté e Roque Moreira.

Seu Jorge, com 25 anos de carreira, dispensa comentários. Conhecido internacionalmente, ele tem dezenas de sucessos e vem a Teresina lançar seu novo trabalho. Recém-lançado, o álbum Música para churrasco já tem os hits “A doida”, “Dois beijinhos”, dentre outros, na boca do povo.

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Hoje,na Universidade Estadual do Piauí, participei do VI Encontro de Linguística e Literatura, e falei sobre as novas tecnologias no ensino de línguas. Foi ótimo. Dividi a mesa com a Professora maria Eldelita Holanda  que falou sobre multimodalidades.

Today,  at the State University of Piaui, attended the Sixth Meeting of Linguistics and Literature, and I  talked about new technologies in language teaching.
It was great. I shared the table with Professor  Maria Eldelita Holanda who spoke about multimodality. Professor Pedro was mediator.  ( Pedro and Eldelita,  thank you for your invitation)

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I outlined how the definition of mobile learning has changed over the last 15 years or so. We have moved from defining mobile learning (or “mLearning”) in terms of using small devices for learning. John Traxler’s definition of mLearning as “any educational provision where the sole or dominant technologies are handheld or palmtop devices” is a good example of this kind of thinking.  My definition is based on the affordances of being truly mobile, while having the ability to acquire just-in-time knowledge at “the point of need.” Mobility and connectivity to information sources, including instructors and peers, are the cornerstones of mobile learning.

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I met Lisa Nielsen, creator of The Innovative Educator blog, a year ago after learning of her stance on enabling students to use mobile phones in school as a learning device.
Proponents will say that you can’t let kids use their phones because they might use them to take photos or video or text. I want them, and their teachers, to do just that when their school goes into lockdown, when their is an active shooter in their school, when they are witness to criminal behavior and anytime they need help.
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When I heard that Steve Jobs had passed away, I was boarding a train from New York to Philadelphia to visit my son. A friend phoned and then text-messaged me the news before I could read it on Twitter. It felt, I said later, as if someone had torn the hair out of my head.

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Meg Wheatley said that “So much of human behavior is habitual. And behind every habit is a belief – about people, life, the world. If we can know our beliefs, we can then act with greater consciousness about our behaviors.”

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